Contact Information, Sizing & Refunds

Contact Information: 

Venture for Canada’s supplier is Kotn Inc.  To contact Venture for Canada please use this link.


Gender neutral sizing fits likes men’s sizes. Once an item is sold out we will tell you. We will launch pre-orders

All items are made of 100% cotton unless otherwise stated.

The display price does not include tax.

Currently we only ship to Canada. Shipping is included. We use minimal packaging you will receive your order in a brown paper envelope.


Payments, Refunds and Returns:  

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a pay-what you can system.

This is a fundraising activity for the organization.

Currently we are not processing refunds, exchanges or returns. The return fee’s and environmental costs are too high for us to bare for this initiative. Our goal is to produce sustainable and environmentally conscious merchandise.  

Please reach out to us via the contact us form on Venture for Canada’s website if you have an issue with your item!



Our supplier fulfils and delivers your orders.

Deliveries take place between 2-4 weeks from purchase date based on the quantities and pre-order arrangement.

Delivery will take place via Canada Post.

All merchandise ships out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We’ll notify you if you shipment is delayed for any supply or other reasons out of our control.